Party Crashing!!

Went to Rocktober for Fannatiku the day before Halloween. It was kind of fun. I cant really say that I'm a visual kei fan myself. Some of the music is ok, but I think its popularity stems from its visual style vs their musical talent. The music videos are prolly some of the best to come from the Japanese music video industry, seeing as most pop previews are pretty much the singer in a strange outfit, staring big eyed into a camera. Now ParaPara videos I can sink my teeth into. I really want to learn some ParaPara dances. Hinoi Team's version of "Night on Fire" looks like so much fun to learn.

Anyways, had some funny moments. Rhies got attacked by a catgirl who decided she hated her cause she was dressed like Maka from Soul Eater. Lahara was the opposite and got glomped. Lets face it, who doesn't LOVE Shinigami-sama. Myself on the other hand, I wasn't known at all. >:3 Eruka plays a decent sized part in the show, but maybe it was more due to my costume not being finished. I lacked the wig boots and froggy hat. So I guess I was just a witch. XD Got a Gackt poster from the drawing. <3 That man is beautiful. *drools*

So We are still working on products for our artists table. Getting buttons ready and thinking about pricing on sketch commissions while we're there. Hopefully we'll get everything in order,

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