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Was for some odd reason I was having issues with using image shack as the hosting for the images for the blog. Decided to move the images onto the blog hosting for some stability. I'm odded out about the site having a new addition. There's a lovely bar code on there now that I just don't want. It wasn't there before either. So I'm confused. Hopefully it goes away soon.

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[C7] Re: that bar code thingy...

Thank you! I'll have to check that out. Its a really nifty idea, but I don't think many cell cams stateside can read QR codes too well. Mine sure cant. Might be the screen fuzzing things up.
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[C6] that bar code thingy...

You have to switch to Japanese to turn off the barcode, unfortunately. I'm glad that they gave mobile access mode to the service, but still... the QR code popup is really annoying... :x

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