Upsetting Decision

So we decided not to do the artist table at Fannatiku next year, Although the price seems great, I find it particularly upsetting at the elitist attitude, and disgusting tactics they used against our friends at Anime St. George. Instead of looking at Anime St. George as another chance for like-minded fans to get together and have fun they have shunned them and played some nasty tricks to try and get them shut down. That's about all I can say about that particular matter, but my main reasoning from pulling our booth plans was mainly due to poor business tactics on their end, which if something actually did happen this year we could hardly be at fault for, but I would rather not be involved. And if even half of what our friends at Anime St. George has said is true, Fannatiku wont be lasting much longer. My animosity towards them is showing when I say I really could care less if they go. :P

Either way you look at it, this gives me and Rhies more time to get things ready for Anime St. George next year. We may have even more goodies up for grabs. I feel more comfy with a year to get things done anyways. ^^; I'm super slow. There are a few oooold pieces Rhies thinks I should breathe new life into. We'll see how that goes.

Signing out!
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[C5] Prize

You know I've actually been looking for her contact info to talk to her about that.

I sent for it only a week after the con, and it never came. In that time, my parents were kind enough to help me and put everything (contact info and all) into Storage. I have been there multiple times in search of it.

If you could tell her to talk to me at the Party please, and I'll give her compesation for it. Thank You.

[C4] Re: Clearing up

Hey Nat, Since your here... When you gunna give Rhies her prize for the art contest last year? She'll be at the party Friday.
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[C3] Clearing up

I will hope that you will re-think your decision and join us after all.

I have spoken with the Anime SG founder, and there were a TON of misunderstandings on both sides. We are at equal standing, and will be helping each other out any way we are able to.

We are all striving towards the same goal, and I hope that we can all be friendly about it now.

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