Anime St. George 2009

Hi there! Shiro again. Rhies, Dahoodie and myself went to our hometown con Anime St. George. It was a great con, especially for its first year. Karson and Lisa, the two running it, were very friendly and fun. We totally had a blast getting to know them. I'm decidedly of the opinion now that I prefer this con to Anime Fannatiku. I know Anime St. George had a lot of things go wrong last second, what with their guest of honor getting arrested for drugs and all that fun stuff, but the friendly fun factor is win. They actually LISTEN to their con goers. Thats something that Fannatiku does not do and thats what they lack as far as growth potential.

Aw well. I still think Fannatiku is a good place to have our first artists table. Its just big enough that we might break even and I doubt I will miss out on any festivities by staying at the table. Now if only they would frakin get their artist and dealer table rates up so I can feel more confident in building stock. :P Unorginized nit wits.

Anyways I got some fun pics from the con. Just a few. I got less then I wanted. Posted the pics here, and the videos here.

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