So I hear I was supposed to write something so here I am XD

I have drawn some sketches for the fanbook that Shiro and I are going to make with our making powers of thought...And I had so many to choose from for the cover that I thought that if I asked around for my families opinion they would tell me which one would be perfect for the cover...but no go, no one chose! they just said all of them were good. I guess I shouldn't have asked my family for something like that XD

Anyway I have colored two pieces so far and more are getting underway. there are a lot more sketches that need to be produced before this upcoming March! XD and the days are going by so fast!

Also I am working on some other things such as buttons...XD I hope they turn out okay XD

question of the day.

-what do you look for when visiting an art table?-

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