Anime Vegas 2010

As an unexpected turn of events we managed to make it to Anime Vegas as guests. It was a great con with lots of guests and lots of fun. XD I thought I would stop and share a quick blog about it.

The Good
The guest roundup was amazing! I know some people got tired of the Vic panels, I myself only attended two, but it was so much fun to get to see his geekier side. :B Totally nerd it out in the Star Trek panel.

The staff member in charge of keeping order at the autograph lines was amazing. He was very professional and helpful, when some of the other staff were not. I felt like knocking in some heads when some of the other staff members came out and started undermining him loudly in front of the crowd. He was doing the best with what he knew and the lack of information given to him was really just uncalled for, then to undermine him so loudly while he was trying so hard to keep order just made me rage. (oops some of that prolly should have went under the bad. ^^; )

The Awesome
I admit to being a Leet Street Boys fangirl and their concert just x2-ed my love for them. They put on a amazing show. Their stage presence could rival (and more then likely beat) any mainstream performer. I finally got to purchase their CD after wanting to for so long. I hope they get invited back next year.

The 18+ Panels were Amazing!! At least the one I went to. XD The FMA After Dark was so much fun and filled me with lolz as well as "The panel you will go to and possibly regret... Maybe" Possibly the biggest highlights of the con came from the 18+ panels.

The Bad
The venue was tiny compared to the amount of guests. Inevitably if you were in cosplay you were yelled at on more then one occasion for just being nice to pose for a photo or two. There were very few places indoors for photos. Not to mention very few places to sit and rest if you are stuck in heels.

Some of the staff was rude. Im sure they were sick of telling people to move, but sometimes they were just rude about it. Then again Im sure most of that would have been spared if it was held at a larger venue. Worst example was a staff member came into a room I was sitting in that was apparently supposed to be closed, but I was not told I had to leave. He asked me if the room was supposed to be closed, I told him I wasnt sure, no one told me to leave. He came back two minutes latter with security and they ushered me out of the room and locked it. Then I was trying to figure out where the panel I was originally wanted to go to was in so I could hang in there instead. The staff member told me it was in one room. I politely explained to him that the schedule actually didnt have the room number due to a misprint. He rudely told me I was wrong and that it was in the room he said before. I shrugged and waited in that room. Of course he was wrong.

The hotel's brilliant idea to block the already crowded halls with their insanely priced food table. Grats to the hotel for breaking the very same fire code they were pressing the staff so heavily to inforce. You deserve a.... boot to the head?

Dealers room, again crowded with very little variety. again easily fixed with a larger venue.

Last second ticketing. This is what happens when you go "Crap, not enough room." The ticketing was a very last second idea and although there were signs posted many people didnt find out until after waiting in line for and hour. I had tried to get tickets to the masq but they were nowhere to be found just two hours before the event. Apparently they were found only a half an hour before the event.

Like I said, most complaints would be easily fixed by a bigger venue. All in all, great con, location flopped. I should be posting photos from this event soon.
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It is really sad to hear that things went the way that they did at Vegas and I'm kind of glad that I didn't go this year. I really don't see why they bothered leaving Cashmen Center. They are too big of a convention to be holding it at a small hotel. I hope next year they find a bigger venue.

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