Possibility of Attending Fannatiku other Cons

I'm still toying with the idea of attending one day at Fannatiku. I'm not sure if it will be worth the time an money to attend. I guess it would depend on time an money right now, and how much Karson and Lisa feel like begging me to go. :P Its been about two years since I last attended, maybe its more fun then the first time I went. I felt like I wasn't cool enough to be with them since I knew about all this old school stuff and knew next to nothing about Naruto and Death Note. OMG! Anyways, Rhies will be there for sure, so you can hit her up.

I'm making plans to attend Anime Bonzai this year. This is again, depending on time and money, but I have some friends that attend that I haven't seen since high school. So its kind of in in the air until the date is a little closer.

There is also a high possibility of Anime Vegas.

The only 100% for sure con for this year is Anime St. George.

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[C9] going to go to go

wooo! i am going! XD haha draggin my friend kalayla along. i think it will be fun...i prolly will go as mad hatter the first day then head off to the movie. then the second i will be maka again cuz i now have a medusa to go along. hahahah XD
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[C8] The Great Oz of ASG

Booya! Our convention is love so naturally.
The main reason I'm going to fannatiku this year is to simply mess with them a little in all good fun. :P I myself only really wanted to go to one day but Karson is dragging me to the Friday one too. XP

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