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Anime Vegas 2010

As an unexpected turn of events we managed to make it to Anime Vegas as guests. It was a great con with lots of guests and lots of fun. XD I thought I would stop and share a quick blog about it.

The Good
The guest roundup was amazing! I know some people got tired of the Vic panels, I myself only attended two, but it was so much fun to get to see his geekier side. :B Totally nerd it out in the Star Trek panel.

The staff member in charge of keeping order at the autograph lines was amazing. He was very professional and helpful, when some of the other staff were not. I felt like knocking in some heads when some of the other staff members came out and started undermining him loudly in front of the crowd. He was doing the best with what he knew and the lack of information given to him was really just uncalled for, then to undermine him so loudly while he was trying so hard to keep order just made me rage. (oops some of that prolly should have went under the bad. ^^; )

The Awesome
I admit to being a Leet Street Boys fangirl and their concert just x2-ed my love for them. They put on a amazing show. Their stage presence could rival (and more then likely beat) any mainstream performer. I finally got to purchase their CD after wanting to for so long. I hope they get invited back next year.

The 18+ Panels were Amazing!! At least the one I went to. XD The FMA After Dark was so much fun and filled me with lolz as well as "The panel you will go to and possibly regret... Maybe" Possibly the biggest highlights of the con came from the 18+ panels.

The Bad
The venue was tiny compared to the amount of guests. Inevitably if you were in cosplay you were yelled at on more then one occasion for just being nice to pose for a photo or two. There were very few places indoors for photos. Not to mention very few places to sit and rest if you are stuck in heels.

Some of the staff was rude. Im sure they were sick of telling people to move, but sometimes they were just rude about it. Then again Im sure most of that would have been spared if it was held at a larger venue. Worst example was a staff member came into a room I was sitting in that was apparently supposed to be closed, but I was not told I had to leave. He asked me if the room was supposed to be closed, I told him I wasnt sure, no one told me to leave. He came back two minutes latter with security and they ushered me out of the room and locked it. Then I was trying to figure out where the panel I was originally wanted to go to was in so I could hang in there instead. The staff member told me it was in one room. I politely explained to him that the schedule actually didnt have the room number due to a misprint. He rudely told me I was wrong and that it was in the room he said before. I shrugged and waited in that room. Of course he was wrong.

The hotel's brilliant idea to block the already crowded halls with their insanely priced food table. Grats to the hotel for breaking the very same fire code they were pressing the staff so heavily to inforce. You deserve a.... boot to the head?

Dealers room, again crowded with very little variety. again easily fixed with a larger venue.

Last second ticketing. This is what happens when you go "Crap, not enough room." The ticketing was a very last second idea and although there were signs posted many people didnt find out until after waiting in line for and hour. I had tried to get tickets to the masq but they were nowhere to be found just two hours before the event. Apparently they were found only a half an hour before the event.

Like I said, most complaints would be easily fixed by a bigger venue. All in all, great con, location flopped. I should be posting photos from this event soon.

Price Preview!

So I was thinking it would be a good idea to show off a preview of our products and our pricing. We're basing the mark-up on the cost to make things, and since we're trying to keep our start-up costs low hopefully our prices will be able to keep everyone happy.

I personally am not expecting to fully break even this time considering this is our first booth and we haven't really established our supplies. I'm keeping track of all our spending and we'll see how it goes. ^^ If we come even close to breaking even then I'll be super happy. (Super happy dance-tastic if we earn.)

Printed (Printed on heavy card stock, so its pretty heavy duty.) $1
Hand Drawn (Drawn on the same heavy stock, drawn and colored with traditional mediums) $4

Character Pins, hand made. (Sometimes sketchy in quality due to our equipment) $1

Quality Prints
4x6 Print (Professionally printed on luster photo paper) $1
5x7 Pint (Professionally printed on luster photo paper) $3
8x10 Print (Professionally printed on luster photo paper) $5

Glass Tile Charms (High quality materials) $3
Glass Tile Necklaces (High quality materials, many colors of lanyards to choose from) $5
Gemstone Necklaces (Handmade with semi-precious stones) $6
Metal Wings Necklace Bracelet and Earring set (Handmade) $15 or Necklace $8 Bracelet $5 Earrings $4

Reject Pile
Sometimes with handmade goodies you get a wildcard that just turns out not quite up to your standards. That would be the reject pile. XD The issues may range from off color, cut slightly odd, strange puckers, or just plain looks different from the rest. Instead of wasting the supplies and the time we took to make it, then we decided to sell them at a discount.
All rejects are 50% off the selling price!
Who knows, you might like them better then the original.



Anyways, thats what we've got so far. We might have more products latter and the prices are subject to change, but I think its pretty close to the final.

Anyways, tell us what you think.


Beef, it's what's for dinner.

So for a moment I'll stop talking about con preps and address something I said months ago that apparently causing some problems for some friends. Apparently I said some hurtful things about Fannatiku. Now seeing as this is mine and my groups personal blog, I think I have every right to say what I will. Hopefully any person who reads this blog is interested in us and our art and maybe a smidge into our own opinions and personal insights, but quite franky I did have animosity towards them for multiple reasons. Now Im sure some people from Fannatiku are reading this so I think since this is my personal space I have every right to explain.

The first year I attended the con I went to the meet and greet and felt completely secluded. Very few people even acknowledged that I was there, until I stared drawing, then one person who was apparently feeling just as left out as myself saw me drawing and we started to have a conversation. This sort of threw me off because we were all like-minded people and fans can always start a conversation out of the randomness of it all. Happens all the time. I got the feeling this was a club I was not invited to.The con I felt the same way. =^= I realize that the con was only in its second year and was based off a club that I did not regularly attend, but the cliquey-ness was unbearable, and some things that I saw go on were very much so reminders of how unprofessional they were being.

I decided after taking a break that I might try to go to the con again to see if things had gotten any better. Might be bigger, more people to have fun and talk and party with was even considering a artist table. I was met with very little information for for a con that was supposed to take place in six months. >,< Not even info on art tables, guests, dealers. Like the thing wasn't even going to take place. I just knew they were taking pre-registration. >,> And I was like "for what?" I tried my best to explain my grievances with this, but apparently I fail with my words or I was met with closed minds. I'm not the most business savy person in the world, but I spent 4 years working with advertising, helping with "What Women Want" at the newspaper, and helped my Dad with events at the Dixie Center. I know events like these take almost a full year of planning, and need lots of communication with their consumer base. I admit, I was mad. I was a consumer with ideas to help the con, the know-how to help, but was seemingly shut down.

In between all that I decided to try to go to Anime SG. I was determined that if Fannatiku wasn't going to let me be an asset to them I would be an asset to SG, so I kept pretty close tabs on the blog. I was actually shocked at the behavior of some of the people. I even saw some of the outlash and childish behavior at bowing out of their main guest not coming. Admittedly I was sad they lost both their guests, but agreed with their decision to ask her not to attend. These were comments from people I knew were on Fannatiku's staff or close to them. It looked like a giant smear campaign.

After all that happened I went to Anime SG. It was so much fun. No one was cliquey, we all had fun talking, taking photos. It was even more fun then some of the larger cons I've attended. ^^ I made friends with Karson and Lisa there over one crazy trip to Dennys. It was fun! I was hearing some of the troubles they were having outside of the sites I regularly visited. Sounded like smearing to me.

I decided I hated how Fannatiku did business. They were closed to new ideas, and new people.. I hated that and didn't want any part of that. Thus I made that post, that apparently causing issues.

Now I know Nat the Head of Fannatiku posted explaining that the differences between the two cons had been resolved and that they were making changes to make things better. So I figured I should take that at face value. :3 Its not really worth holding grudges, it cuts into the fun that could be had. So long as they were being nice to my new friends. I still didn't agree with how they handled business so my decision still stood on doing my booth with them, I was still considering attending.

^^; I sort of attended. Fundage would only allow one day, so I planned on hanging in the lobby day one and going day two, but that didn't happen due to a family emergency.

Anyways, I have been regularly on the fannatiku forums, I wanted to become a part of that community. Nat seems like she is trying to make good on what she has said to me, and has nothing but gracious to me even knowing the opinion I held of how her con was run. I've been having fun talking to everyone there, but apparently everyone seems to have a pretty low opinion of me.

Apparently my opinion is coming up in arguments against the SG staff. Let me make it perfectly clear. Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has them, but they do not always represent the ideas of a whole group. I am disappointed in SOMEONE in the Fannatiku community in making people feel like they HAVE to choose a side, effectively dividing the local anime community and doubling the drama. I don't want to choose sides, that's not fun, but unfortunately once one side decides a line needs to be drawn you either choose one or you you get persecuted for being a fence sitter. I don't know who decided the line needed to be drawn, I have seen no evidence that even Nat decided that it needed to be there, but SOMEONE on their side did and I for one think it needs to be deleted. I think its best to work together to have two enjoyable cons in this town. Double the fun, ya know.

Anyways, that's my story and I'm stickin to it. I hope someone at least understands my babbling. I really don't hold any ill will towards anyone, well not for much more then a day at least >,>, and as long as people are willing to change I seen no need to hold anything against anyone, but I am at least allowed to make discerning decisions about where I conduct my business. I'm allowed at least this right.

Woohoo! That was a wall and a half of text. Now here have a funny picture!

Fan-art Event

Update time! Found out about a Fan-art event on April 30th at the Hurricane Library. Rhies and myself are planning to make it to that. We've started making products to sell there. I ordered some photo prints that I plan on selling at a very reasonable price, we've been making bookmarks and buttons.

I figured it would be a fun way to get a good start on our products for Anime St. George and do some product testing. lol Anyways I'm looking forward to it.

So far, really nothing new to report.

What would you like to see?

So there is still work going on with the site. So while I was working on things, I was wondering what you would like to see on our site? More art? Tutorials? Fan content? I'm just curious.

Also, what would you like to see from us at our first artist table? Any ideas would be much appreciated. <3

Anyways, I was secretly working on this drawing for a month now. XD Its for my loves at Anime St. George.

Mad as a Hatter

I might get around to coloring it sometime. ^^;;; But I should focus on prints at the moment.

Love ya all

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